My name is Myiesha Dowe I am the creator of MyieshaDowe.com. I am a Mentor, Trainer and simply your Virtual friend. I help people realize their place in life as they cross over from the left side to the right side of the cash flow quadrant.

My background prior to this journey simply deprived me of my time freedom, and my future. I was simply fed up with the corporate world, feeling undervalued and not appreciated.

As a mother of three amazing children, I saw myself giving so much of my time and efforts to my employer. While during this time I was missing out on precious memories that I could never get back. As if missing out on those precious moments wasn’t enough. I missed out on the opportunity to achieve my dreams and goals.

Throughout the years, I sought out many opportunities and I discovered I am in love with helping people. I want to help people put themselves back at the front of the line. I am on a mission to empower people to invest in themselves. My belief is that, life truly begins once you start to invest in yourself.




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