I’m guilty…🙈

In July of 2018 I posted my last blog post. When I wrote the blog at the time, I felt empowered, focused and completely unstoppable. I was ready to make great strides. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I was tired of so many things and I just wanted to use my pain as power and really change th direction of my life.  

Fast forward to today I re read the blog post from July of 2018 and my entire website today. I was quickly reminded of a lot things. The last six months I will admit I have been focused on the wrong things. My life has been filled with ups and downs and somehow no matter what life throws my direction my vision for “Invest in you” never goes away. 

It’s days like tomorrow I desire more than ever to have complete time freedom. Freedom that when there is no school I have freedom to take the day off and not worry about money or time just spending it with my the three little people that keep my heart beating. It’s days like this this that without investing in myself I would have never believed in another way.

I set out two years ago on this entrepreneurial journey because I knew there was a better way… there HAD to be a better way. I knew that time was non refundable but I kept wasting it. I was blocked by my fears and my mind clouded with doubt. I knew what I wanted, but kept wasting time and feeling sorry for myself and situation.

I know now more than ever that my that if I don’t move forward nothing will change. It is completely up to me. I can chose to allow life to distract me and make excuses later or I can push threw everything that has come my way and live my full potential. 

I was laying in bed wishing that I didn’t have work tomorrow and that I spend the day with my kids. I was thinking about all the self investment I’ve made, the time I spent building my own website, the hours I sat up until the sun was almost about to rise studying and learning ways to increase cash flow and get on the right side of the cash flow quadrant. I traveled to learn, I stayed up late to learned, I read, I listen, I watched hundreds of videos, I paid for courses, and here I am still working a job…. JOB=Just Over Broke. With my time tided to someone else’s dream and vision.

As I laid there I realized that I need to take my own advice and put myself in the front of the line. Only then will I have true peace and freedom will follow. Freedom to live and do the things in life I truly desire.

I’m saying this all to say live your life for you. If you have a dream work towards it. If you are distracted by situations that has no growth let it go. Abundance is your birth right and you can have anything you desire. I realized that it is me that can change my life… no one else but me. 

Last year I gave energy to the wrong things. Someone out there is waiting for me to help them gain time freedom and financial freedom. I thought about all the parents like me wishing that they can have time freedom to spend with their children and not worry. I realized that no matter what I’ve learned, nothing changes without action. Action is the antidote to success.

“Become a priority in your life you deserve everything life has to offer” 

Your virutal friend,

Myiesha Dowe


YOU matter!

6 thoughts on “I’m guilty…🙈

  1. I loved this post. The fact that you took the time to write it down as detailed as you have by mentioning or highs and you lows and recognizing that the time you have matters not just for you but your kids and you want to improve Shows more and more that your blueprint for life is coming into fruition. #yougotthis

    1. Thank you so much that means a lot to me you took the time out to read my blog and look at all the details. Thank you for encouraging me as I do this to encourage others from experiences that help me, life isnt about ups and downs but it’s what you do with those situations that really matter

  2. You’re an awesome writer! It’s great to see you willing to share your life experiences with others. Reading this is really inspirational now if I can only apply action so changes can be made.

    1. Thank you so much I think that life experiences should be shared because you never know who you can help. Thank you for reading my blog I really appreciate it.

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