Throughout a person’s life, they make many investments. People invest in houses, cars, clothes, jewelry, relationships, education, their employer’s vision and various other investments. The investment that is least invested in, is the investment in yourself. My essential belief is that, life begins when you start to invest in yourself.

Investing in yourself, “puts you at the front of line”. When you put yourself in the front of the line you let yourself know that you matter most.

In life the journey to success could be reached at a more rapid pace, if you simply take the time to invest in you.


Starting at a young age people are taught that putting yourself first immensely makes you selfish. I am here to tell you that is far from the truth. The truth is when we failed to put ourselves first and we get stuck in the shadow of others dreams and goals while in well what we dream of is placed on the to do list that we never make it to.


My name is Myiesha Dowe I am your coach, your mentor and your virtual friend my goal is to help people by using my journey to help transform the lives of others. My belief is that in order for a person to embark on the journey of abundance and live in their true purpose they must first take care of themselves. One of my favorite quotes from Author, Speaker Les Brown, “If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dream.


For years I worked for companies and invested so much time to learning their brand. I invested so much into those companies I failed to invest in myself. Investing in you is all about believing in yourself. It is the mere fact that you know that you cannot be place on the bottom of the ‘to do list’. When you put yourself first, you create the road map to your future. When you don’t invest in yourself you are tied to someone else’s dreams and goals for your life.


My goal is to simply be your coach, and guide you in the direction to make the best investment of your life. If you don’t invest in you, who will? If you are looking to progress in the area of personal development, starting your home based business, lead generation, relationship building, developing good email content or simply just need everyday motivation I am here to support you.


Thank you for taking the time to join me.


Dare to be extraordinary, put yourself at the front of the line. YOU MATTER!


Your mentor, your coach, your virtual friend


Myiesha Dowe